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Enabling Structured Products On DeFi

Predictable and Enhanced Returns at Your Fingertips


Our Interest Rate Products divide yield-bearing assets into vaults with varying levels of risk

Fixed Returns

Select a fixed return option to obtain a predictable source of yield. Ideal for investors who value stability above anything else

Variable Returns

Our variable return option offers amplified returns through leveraged exposure to the performance of the underlying assets
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Customize your own interest-rate products

Permissionlessly create your own Interest Rate Products using our smart contract Factory


At Struct, security comes first. Our smart contracts have been rigorously tested internally and have been audited by renowned industry leaders

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What is Struct Finance?

Struct Finance is a new DeFi protocol that offers a way for users to customize interest rate products and build them using tokenized yield-bearing positions to construct superior structured products. Our platform broadens the design space of potential structured products produced and opens up the number of investment choices available today.

Does Struct have a Token?

More details about Struct's Tokens will be added to our Knowledge repository..

Has Struct been audited?

Struct Finance will have several major audits completed before launch. The first Audit was conducted by Dedaub in Q2 2022. The second Audit has been conducted by Zokyo in Q1 2023. The results of the audits can be found here.

What products are available in the Struct protocol?

We will be launching our interest-rate products first. Our interest rate products tranche the yield between two classes of investors, generating stable yield for one and enhanced returns for the other. We will subsequently release our Factory, which offers a way for users to customize interest-rate products tailored to their investment needs and requirements.

Has the Token been launched?

Upon protocol launch, we will not have a digital token. However, we are planning on releasing a token shortly after.